General Questions

Q: What are AnonoCoins?

AnonCoins is a virtual currency used on and is in no way associated with AnonCoin.Net.

Q: What is AC/BTC based on? How often does it change? Will the amount of BTC that I have change after I've earned it?

AnonCoins are constantly changing in price based on how much AnonCoins are sitting in user accounts and based on how many users are earning coins. Yes that amount is bound to change, however once you request payment it will not change.

Q: How often will I get paid?

We follow Net30 meaning you wil get paid 30 days after the earning month. Example earnings for October will be paid in November.

Q: Can you explain the coupons idea?

It is almost an incentive for users to sign up under you. For Example : "Sign Up under me and I'll give you a coupon worth 10 AnonoCoins!" Once they redeem your coupon code, it will deduct 10 AnonoCoins from you and give it to the person who used it. Admin's often drop coupons around the web as well that you can redeem.

Q: What is the device limit per ip?

We don't have per say, but our third party providers do, so be sure to check their FAQ's as well as ours.

Q: I forgot my user and/or password!

Send an email to our support team and they will help you, is their email.

Mining Questions

Q: Why is my anti virus picking up a JS.Miner as malware?

We use a third party javascript to mine AnonoCoins which has been flagged by many as a malware due to the fact it can run in the background with no interaction.

Q: Why is my hashrate so low?

The miner uses your CPU, the better the CPU, the more power. Also if you are doing other things on your computer the miner won't be using as much CPU power as it can.